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  • Do you have any frozen pension plans?
  • Did you have a pension scheme with an old employer?
  • Do you currently pay into a pension scheme?
  • Do you need some advice as to what to do with your pensions?
  • Are you confused about who can offer the best income from your pension fund?
  • Are you an employer who is concerned about the auto-enrolment legislation?
  • Did you take out a pension with a bank who no longer offers pension advice?
If you can answer YES to any of these questions then we can help!

We offer a holistic approach to retirement planning from making your first contribution towards your retirement to offering you the best income possible from your pension fund.

We have a solution to the auto-enrolment headache and can even manage your pension scheme for you.

So whether you are an employer, an employee or self employed we are here to help and advise.

All you need to do is complete the enquiry form above and we will do the rest. We will speak to you in the first instance over the phone at a convenient time and, if required, we can see you at a mutually convenient time and place to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Whether you are looking to maximise your pension income now, or reviewing existing pension arrangements to make sure they achieve your goals, Acumen Financial Advisers Ltd will be pleased to explain your options.

Free, no obligation pension reviews
Our Pension Review Service will help you to achieve the income and lifestyle you desire at retirement. You have made a positive start by having a pension BUT poor management of your pension may result in a much lower income in retirement.

We provide free, no obligation review and recommendation reports specific to you, your circumstances and needs. We can access the whole pension market so you can then best assess your options and consider the implications before making any decisions.

Why Review Your Existing Pensions?
You may have a selection of pensions with different companies or from previous employers which either you don't understand or are generally disappointed with their performance. This is understandable as pension legislation is often complicated and many pensions:
  • Perform poorly
  • Have high charges
  • Are not regularly reviewed
  • Are inadequate
Our Pension Review Service gives you an overview of your existing pensions, provides projections to retirement and a detailed review of their performance, charges and flexibility.

The size of your final pension fund will determine how much income you have at retirement. Excessive charges, poor performance or a delay in addressing contribution shortfall will have a dramatic impact on your fund.

What's included in the Pension Review?
We will write to your pension provider(s) and will obtain all of the available information about your existing pension arrangements, including details of the charges and investment performance. This information along with any special scheme benefits, rules and conditions will be compared to what is currently available within today's pension market place. From this we can then discuss with you your pension(s) and provide the following information:
  • The value of each pension
  • Analysis of the performance of your current pensions and the charges imposed on them
  • A pension transfer analysis highlighting any potential benefits/drawbacks of transferring your pension to another provider
  • A projection of what your pension is likely to be at retirement including a State Pension Forecast
  • If your pension is not going to meet your goals, we will calculate any potential shortfall and what you will need to contribute in order to achieve your goals
  • A calculation of how much tax free cash you might be able to access either now or at retirement
If we recommend moving your pension(s) to a new provider and you accept our advice, we will then produce a detailed review and recommendation report, taking into account the scheme information and your personal views, concerns, attitudes and aspirations.

At Acumen Financial Advisors Ltd, we are committed to finding the best deals for our customers. There are numerous annuity providers all of whom offer different rates. As your annuity income will be set for the rest of your life it is vital to ensure that you are getting the best deal you can.
Are you approaching retirement and been offered a pension by your existing pension Company ?

Do you need help with getting the best deal , and sorting out all the paperwork ?

Acumen can help choose the right Company - we've been doing it for 20 years

We will research the different rates available, talk to you about the vast number of annuity options available , and help you with all the paperwork

Selecting the right Annuity is called using your ' Open Market Option '

This is your right to choose whichever annuity provider is paying the best rates. You do not have to purchase your annuity from the same company who provided your pension.

Annuity rates vary considerably from one provider to another - The difference can be 20% + - just for choosing the right Company

To arrange a free, independent, no obligation pension review or to shop around for the best annuity rate for you, please complete your details in the enquiry form above and we will be in contact as soon as we can to discuss your pension options with you.
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