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Acumen are a long established firm of Financial Advisers in the Oldham / Rochdale area.

Our clients come to us because they are looking for a better return on their investments and want to build a relationship with a financial adviser that understands them. We are committed to creating wealth over the long term. We also recognise that our clients' wishes and circumstances evolve and change over time. This allows you to have confidence in your plans.

We provide unbiased and professional financial advice, based on the expertise of our team of specialists. They have built strong reputations in their fields which include investments, pensions, life assurance, tax planning, retirement income planning, estate and inheritance planning.

And unlike many firms , Acumen will take on clients no matter how large or small their assets are.

Perhaps you have previously been advised by one of the High Street Banks , but have now been abandoned ?

Perhaps you are looking at getting a higher return from your Cash ISA ?

Perhaps you want a sustainable income in retirement ?

There are many reasons to come to Acumen for Financial Advice

Complete the attached enquiry form , or just call us for an initial chat

Below are just some of the type of investments we can advise on:

Unit Trusts
Unit trusts are a popular investment vehicle today, they are 'open ended collective investments' which put the cash of many investors into one 'pooled fund'. This system allows investors to invest "collectively" which has the benefits of spreading and reducing risk and keeping costs under control. Unit trusts allow you to invest in the stock market but enable you to spread your risk and benefit from expert investment management.

Open-ended investment companies are often referred to as the modern day and flexible equivalent of the unit trust. They combine the elements of unit trusts and Investment trusts enabling you to pool your investments along with other investors. This helps to spread the risk and enables you to take advantage of the skills of a professional managing the fund.

Investment Trusts
An investment trust is simply a company that has been set up to invest in shares of other companies. By buying shares in an investment company, the investor is in effect spreading the risk that would normally by associated with a single share investment because the value of the Investment Company's shares are directly related to the spread of investments it is making.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are available to all UK residents over 18 years of age. They benefit all taxpayers, especially those paying the higher rate. They are however, not quite as easy to understand as they should be. But fortunately we do understand them, and can explain the different options available. 

Government backed stock, known as 'Gilts' are loans made to the Government by, in effect, the investor. Much of the national debt is comprised of Government Gilts, so when the Government needs to 'borrow' more, it simply issues a new Gilt. Gilts provide income derived from interest payments and a final redemption. Inflation erodes away at the true value of the Gilts redemption, whilst interest rates will make the Gilts income appear more or less attractive. Broadly speaking when interest rates rise the value of the Gilt will fall and vice versa. Many professional investors and fund managers invest part of their portfolio in Gilts because Gilts can help them to spread risk and/or provide income.

Corporate Bonds are similar to Gilts, and work in much the same way, however Corporate Bonds, as the name suggests, are issued by multinational companies as opposed to Governments. They do this as a cheaper form of borrowing than a bank loan and often offer better returns than Government Gilts.

Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)
If you think it's only the very wealthy who are affected by Inheritance Tax (IHT), then think again. Inheritance Tax may not be something you've given much consideration to, however it could result in just a fraction of the money you intended going to your family when you die.

Does Inheritance Tax affect you?
Following the recent boom in property prices, more people are now falling into the Inheritance Tax bracket - the value of people's homes has risen dramatically, but the level at which you start to pay Inheritance Tax hasn't increased at the same rate. You may find that IHT now affects you. However by planning ahead, you can ensure that your loved ones won't lose out.

How much do you want to leave the taxman?
Planning for your financial future can benefit you when it comes to Inheritance Tax. We will try to ensure your hard-earned assets pass to those you care most about and not the taxman. We will help you review the value of your assets to see if you can leave a greater inheritance to your loved ones, by discussing a range of products designed specifically with IHT planning in mind, depending on your personal circumstances.
Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum or a regular monthly amount Acumen Financial Advisers Ltd are here to help you.

We can help with:
  • Investment planning and advice
  • Investing for retirement
  • Investing for income
  • Investing for growth
  • Investment bonds
  • Ethical investing
  • Tax efficient investments
  • Investments for Inheritance Tax Planning

So if you are thinking about investing a regular amount or a lump sum just complete the enquiry form above or give us a call. It could be the best call you make today.

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